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5BB Anti-Pid Poly Solar Cell
  • 5BB Anti-Pid Poly Solar Cell

5BB Anti-Pid Poly Solar Cell

High efficiency solar cells with anti-PID technology.
Inspire-Solar’s High-efficiency Poly Cells are produced with Black Silicon Technology. Manufacturing modules with more than 260Wp(6*10) and 310Wp(6*12) power output becomes easier than ever. Meanwhile, the anti-PID cell technology reduces the module attenuation caused by induced electric potential, and the system power attenuation caused by the high temperature, high humidity and salt atmosphere. Our cells offer unmatched reliability and have been proved to perform in diverse climates and environments, nearly everywhere under the sun. Our rigorous quality control and in-house testing facilities guarantee Inspire-Solar’s cells meet the highest quality standards.

Format 156mm*156mm±0.5mm
Thickness 200±20um
Front(-) 1.0mm bus bars(silver).blue anti-reflecting coating(silicon nitride)
Back(+) 2.0mm wide soldering pads(silver)back surface field (aluminum)

  • Fast delivery
  • OEM production         
  • Competitive cost for distributors
  • Proper handling from incoming inspection to production,outgoing inspection and packaging 

  • 14 kinds of patented technologies ensure cells work stably and reliably for a long period.
  • The advanced PECVD technology ensures the uniformity of the dark blue silicon nitride antireflection film.
  • The high-quality metal slurry made back surface field and electrode ensure the good electrical conductivity, reliable adhesion and good weldability.
  • High precision silk-screen printing and high degree of flatness make the cell apply for the auto weld and laser cutting.
  • Anti-reflective, hydrophobic coating improves light absorption and reduces surface dust.

  • PID-free : 25 years transferable power output
  • Output Power:≥90% power output assurance for 10 years and ≥80% power output assurance for 25 years.

Packing Configuration 1200-1400pcs/box
Quantity/Pallet 35000pcs/pallet
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