Luxury Solar Home System
  • Luxury Solar Home System
  • Luxury Solar Home System

Luxury Solar Home System

Item No.: HS-DC-10W

DC Solar Home System


Inspire-Solar standard DC solar home system is ideal system running on solar energy. It is designed with lighting & mobile charging function, which makes it ideal solution for emergency use and for areas without supply of electricity. It runs quietly, eco-friendly producing no pollutions, LED lights consume 50% lesser energy and with longer lifespan. It works perfect as a source of back-up power.


  • 4pcs*3W LED light provide bright lighting up to total 960lm for many rooms.

  • Superbright LED bulbs provide 360 degree well lighting distribution.

  • Bright light and mobile phone charging in one device.

  • Switch control to turn ON/OFF the light conveniently.

  • Connectors for different phones included.

  • High efficiency solar panel provides reliable power charging.

  • Charge indicator showing the status of battery charge.

  • Built-in controller protects battery from over charging & discharging.

  • Robust build frame makes easy to use, and longer life.

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